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commercialize software

Cryptolens makes it trivial to securely distribute your software with reliable licensing, payment and analytics solutions.

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// Verify the license (see the complete code) var license = Key.Activate(...); if (license.HasFeature(1) .HasNotExpired() .IsValid()) { // license is valid! }

We're a one stop with everything you need

Cryptolens Platform(SKM) API supports:
Works withany App!

Cryptolens API is much simpler to implement

// Verify the license var license = Key.Activate(...); if (license.HasFeature(1) .HasNotExpired() .IsValid()) { // license is valid! }


All in One

Our service includes everything you need to securely commercialize your app's

License management

Secure license management for your software.

Active end users only

You are charged automatically for usage depending on your number of active licenses.

Save Time

On average it takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days to implement our solution

Market Place

Market place for your software, including white label webshop.

Stripe & PayPal

Payments using Stripe or PayPal, coupled to your selected licensing model.

Desktop Apps, SDKs and Add-ins

We support any kind of software for any industry, e.g. SDK, IoT, desktop app's or SaaS, and any kind of licensing model you can dream of

Support Portals

Support portals for you and your customers.


Analytics module that helps optimize your licensing revenue based on usage.