Software Licensing Platform API




Active end users < 10

$ 10 per month

$ 50 per month

Active end users < 1000

$ 50 per month

$ 150 per month

Active end users < 1M

$ 350 per month

$ 1000 per month

More than 1M active end users

$ 1400 per month

$ 3000 per month

Price per active license

free max 10 licenses

$ 0.1 per month





Email / Phone

Premium features

  • 2 hours of consulting per month and prioritized support/development
  • full refund for a month if more than 30 minutes service (API) downtime in a month
  • multiple users per account

Price per active license You are charged automatically for usage depending on your number of active licenses.

Get started for FREE in 30 days

* At most 10 000 000 end users. For more, please contact us. Note, prices exclude VAT (for customers inside the European Union). An active license is a license that is not blocked. An active end user is a user of an active license + additional devices they run on (a device is a machine code in Cryptolens). More information can be found here.

This includes

web api

Get license related information on any platform

Strong Protection
Strong Protection

Secure licensing system that respects your privacy

Instant Access
Instant Access

Access the control panel anytime, anywhere

Storage GDPR
Storage within the European Union

Comply with GDPR (effective in May, 2018)