Support Cycle

This page provides you with information regrading support cycles for technologies provided by Cryptolens.

Client Libraries

.NET Client

Update 2018.07.22: Cryptolens.Licensing is the up-to-date client library (see what’s new). SKGLExtension is no longer maintained.

C++ Client

Customers need to install newest updates of Cryptolens Client API for C++ in order remain supported. Master branch contains the stable version of the library and “future” branch contains new features that will soon be released.

Python 2 & 3

Both versions of the Python client libraries are maintained. Python 3 is currently under active development. We recommend all customers to use the Python 3 version. Python 2 is still maintained and supported, but it might not have all the new methods. If you find a method that is missing, let us know and we will add it.


Web API has different versions in order to support different types of protocols, currently v2 and v3 are available. A Web API version is supported throughout its development and maintained a year after notice of discontinuation. If maintenance is deemed to be required longer, this period may be prolonged.

Active Development

For all new implementations, the following should be used:


For newer implementations, the following should not be used.