Cryptolens has all the features needed to help you license and sell your software.

Simple Integration

var license = Key.Activate(...); if(license.HasFeature(1) .HasNotExpired() .IsValid()) { Console.WriteLine("License is valid!"); }

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Offline Activation

Protect apps with no direct Internet access (eg. enterprise environments) using activation files (Read more).

Support for Activation Forms

Accept Payments

Using Payment Forms, you can easily set up an automatized delivery system for your application, which saves you maintenance time.


Get information about the way your app is being used using real-time

SDK Licensing

Implement software licensing in a Software Development Kit project.

Pricing Suggestion

Using our AI engine, we can help you to determine the value your product has for each customer, so that you can price it correctly.

Any Licensing Model

Perpetual, SaaS, usage-based based and more. Cryptolens supports all of them.

Software Distibution

Host all your software using Cryptolens, without the need of third parties.

Integration with 3rd party

Using our well-documented Web API, you can perform tasks such as key generation, validation, payment check, and more.