Case Studies

Case studies from selected companies

On this page we have listed how several companies have integrated Cryptolens into their products. This page is being updated and more companies will be added soon. For concrete code examples, we recommend our help pages.

FORCE Technology helps companies become technological and sustainable frontrunners for the benefit of society. Since 1940, they have helped companies through major technological transformations: From rivets to welding. From oil adventure to wind turbines. From analogue to digital. And they still contribute to defining the technological future. You can read more here.

Location: Denmark

Cryptolens SDK being used: Python SDK, .NET SDK


Coolorange is a hyper-specialized software developer of plug-ins and tools dedicated to Autodesk PDM/PLM and designed to fuel your manufacturing projects with extra power. By upgrading and improving the way you load your data, automate your workflows and connect your systems, they will go the extra mile to help you move from design to production quickly, smoothly, and reliably.

Why choosing Cryptolens: “We benchmarked several vendors, and Cryptolens was the only that was able to show us the features we needed. Since then, the system has been working flawlessly, and they have continuously improved the system considering our requirements. /Marco, CEO

Location: Italy


AceAxis creates technology to build, test and analyse the telecoms networks of the future. They were pioneers in the development of RRH and embedded t&m technology for the telecoms market. Today they are focused on new approaches to telecoms equipment, working with operators, infrastructure vendors and a variety of new customers to create innovative solutions for a range of applications. You can read more here.

Location: England, UK.

Cryptolens SDK being used: C++ SDK


CyBe Construction redefines the construction site. Their innovative solutions will not only affect the construction industry, but the whole global society in general. You can read more here.

Location: Netherlands


POBS® is a Microsoft® PowerPoint Add-In that gives you access to a broad range of new features and time-saving functionality straight from PowerPoint.

Location: Mexico

Cryptolens SDK being used: .NET SDK

Case study: POBS case study