POBS Case Study

Distribution of application addins

POBS® is a Microsoft® PowerPoint Add-In that gives you access to a broad range of new features and time-saving functionality straight from PowerPoint. When POBS® was to be released, the team faced the problem of online deployment. Considering that piracy is a common practice, it was important to have secure usage control and support for activations. Moreover, having a seamless process of license distribution and payment management is important to increase credibility among customers. POBS® was able to implement the whole process within hours. Now, POBS® can focus all their time and creativity on creating a great user experience for their customers, save time and costs thanks to the automatization between payments and activations.


José Castellanos, developer and founder of POBS® describes the details: “One of the main challenges of developing a new software product is no doubt its activation and usage control. Piracy is a common practice and if you don’t have the adequate protection you are certainly vulnerable to it.

Payment systems were another big topic for us, as this was our first venture into an online deployment we had not idea on where to begin! We needed to make license distribution and payment management a seamless process because it has a direct effect over how trustworthy our company will look for customers.

Our team had beginner skills in programming, yet with Cryptolens’ SKM API’s easy tutorials and great support team we managed to implement SKM API within hours. Their online platform is really easy to use and lets you manage your licenses by customer and by product, so the possibilities are endless. Cryptolens’ SKM API also offers payment management, which is easy to implement into your website so you can start selling your software right away. Support for Stipe and PayPal leave no potential customers out of the picture, so you are basically good to go. Cryptolens’ SKM API also provided a couple of extra layers of security with their API, which is also fairly easy to use. Cryptolens’ SKM API was the only Serial Key solution we found that was actually easy to implement. Top support from their team was a key differentiator. Their online interface allows for tight business control and customer management.

In sum, we would not have our business up and running right now if it wasn’t for SKM! We highly recommend this licensing solution!”


  • Implementation within hours
  • Easy-to-use and powerful platform to manage licenses
  • Great support team
  • Payments with Stripe and PayPal
  • Secure API that is fairly easily to use


  • SKM was easy to implement
  • Top support
  • Tight business control and customer management

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