Getting Started

It's quite easy to start using the Cryptolens Platform to implement licensing into your application. We have outlined the steps below.

3 steps to get started with Cryptolens

Create an account

The first step is to create a new Cryptolens account. This is needed to be able to create new products, get access to API keys, payment integration and more.

Add client API to your project

To access Cryptolens from your application, you need a small library called SKM Client API. It’s entirely open-source.

Add a code snippet into your project

The last step is to add a small code snippet to validate license keys in your application. Below is an example.

var licenseKey = "GEBNC-WZZJD-VJIHG-GCMVD";
var RSAPubKey = "{enter the RSA Public key here}";

var auth = "{access token with permission to access the activate method}";
var result = Key.Activate(token: auth, parameters: new ActivateModel()
    Key = licenseKey,
    ProductId = 3349,
    Sign = true,
    MachineCode = Helpers.GetMachineCode()

if (result == null || result.Result == ResultType.Error || 
    // an error occurred or the key is invalid or it cannot be activated
    // (eg. the limit of activated devices was achieved)
    Console.WriteLine("The license does not work.");

// everything went fine if we are here!

Console.WriteLine("The license is valid!");

More help & examples

More use cases and examples can be found in our docs portal. If you would still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us in the chatbox (available on all pages).