DPD with Software Licensing

By combining Cryptolens with DPD by Portal Labs, you can use DPD to handle payments while Cryptolens handles software licensing.

DPD by Portal Labs has three ways of providing license codes to customers: from list, a hard coded key or from url. To integrate DPD with Cryptolens Licensing, you can set Keycode Generation to “Keycode Generation URL” (see this tutorial) and provide a link to our Web API endpoint for license generation. Here’s an example link, which you can change based on the properties that you want your license to have. You can read more about them here.

https://app.cryptolens.io/api/key/CreateKey?Feature=True&ProductId=<enter the product id>&token=<access token with CreateKey access>&format=plaintext

The token parameter can be created on this page. Please remember to check the “Create Key” checkbox and restrict select a product in the dropdown list.

Note: it’s important to include format=plaintext in the end of the url.