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Serial Key Manager is a project that is built on top of SKGL. When working on the implementation of a validation system for the client application, this library is very handy, specially for offline implementations. If you would like to get an overview, please navigate to the documentation page. If you do not find what you are searching for, there is a high probability that your question might be found under the Discussion tab or the Issue tracker.

If your question is related to the actual web application, there is a support site specifically designed to guide you through some basic operations that can be performed using Serial Key Manager. Since Serial Key Manager is built on top of SKGL, many operations can actually be performed using the library. The exclusive features of Serial Key Manager, as online key validation, are better described on the support site.

Remember, if you want to try out Serial Key Manager, you can activate a trial, which will enable all the premium features available in Serial Key Manager.

If you are unsure about where to post the question, please contact us. The support site is currently under development, so you might find new sections added to the menu. We constantly work on making the support system as simple as possible to improve your user experience. Please always feel free to contact us with suggestions to any part of this project!

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