Trial Activation

Yesterday, Serial Key Manager was updated with a new feature specifically for trial keys.

Ability to create trial keys – Trial activation allows you to create trial keys and/or time limited keys that are activated only when the user first uses the key. This means that you can generate keys several months before you start distributing them and they will still work the amount of time you specified originally.

Since this feature uses the machine code activation module, you can ensure that only a specific number of users can start the trial.

In addition, because the server tracks each activation, you do not need to store anything on the client computer except for the key itself.

If keys were generated sometime before the time of activation, a new key will replace the old key and is going to be sent back to the user. This can only occur once unless  ou have configured the key otherwise.

This feature was suggested by a user of Serial Key Manager some days ago. I encourage all users and visitors of Serial Key Manager to ask questions and suggest new things directly by contacting us. Remember that you can phrase your question in either English, Swedish or Russian. You can use German too but it might take a bit longer for me to process it.

I hope all of you enjoy using Serial Key Manager!


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