Upgrade of Web API and Support for Java

The Web API that is used to perform tasks like key validation from a client computer (or a web application) has been upgraded. Here’s the description of it from the support page:

Many operations can be performed using web requests. In contrast to the previous version of the Web API, the new version aims to make all methods standardized. All requests in each method follow the same pattern in order to make it easier to go from one operation to another. Input parameters, results, and errors are well documented in the new documentation to make it easier to use the functionality in SKM on all platforms.

The new Web API requires only two methods to be implemented in the client application: one to send a request and another to decide how the result from the server should be interpreted.

In SKGL Extension API (for .NET) there are two new methods to make these operations easy.

The first method (GetParemeters) is used to send an array of parameters (see the required parameters) to the server and then record the result (another array of variables). If you are using Validation, the result will either contain variables such as the creation date or an error with a short description why it went wrong.

The second method (GetKeyInformationFromParemters) is a helper method that will, given that either an Activation or Validation request was sent, put the information into a KeyInformation so that you can continue to use the features like offline key validation (storing the information securely offline).

In order to make sure that it’s easy to implement this logic into Java, a new API is currently being developed. This API is open-source too, and it can be accessed through GitHub. The API documentation can be accessed here. For the time being, the API has one method that works similar to GetParameters.

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