Added Simplicity and Support for Sorting

There are two words that summarize what’s going to be said below: simplicity and productivity. Shortly, we’ve simplified the most difficult operations in the .NET API and added the ability to find/sort your licenses. The aim of all of these changes is to save your time as much as possible.

Simplicity in the .NET client

If you have the recent version of the .NET client SKGL Extension, you might have noticed the extension methods that we’ve added to the Key Information class. The great thing about them is that you can use SKGL Extension as a fluent API (learn more). So, say you would like to set up offline key activation, how would you take an advantage of these methods? Here’s is an example:

Productivity with Search Function

The small search field available on the product page becomes really handy when searching for specific licenses. For instance, you can search based on the creation date, features, notes as well as customer related data (if a key is assigned to a certain customer). Here’s an example of a simple query:

Other things

In addition, here are some of the other changes:

  • If you use SKM15, the key will no longer update during trial activation.
  • The Web API 2 is now entirely compatible with SKM15.
  • The Web API has a new page. Please take a look!
  • Customers can now be created in all subscription types.
  • Everyone can create a payment form as well as activation form (with or without a subscription). In some cases, a small link will be displayed.

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