Simple Subscription Management with Web API 3

Today, we’ve released two main things that will simplify many of the tasks that are faced primarily by those that want to set up a subscription based licensing model. These are the Extend License method and the introduction of Web API 3.

Extend License method

The Extend License method offers a simple way of extending a license either before the subscription has expired or afterwards. It’s actually as simple as to simply specify the number of days you want the license to be extended with and it will do the rest. Another great thing about it is that it is encapsulated into the Web API 3 framework, which means that you have greater possibility to adjust the scope/permissions (more about that below).

Introduction of Web API 3

Several months ago, we discontinued the old Web API, and moved most of the methods into Web API 2. The introduction of Web API 3 is a bit different, though. There is no intention of trying to discontinue the 2nd version. Instead, the 3rd version is simply an extension of the 2nd, with features that are desired by our users. Here are some of the examples:

  • The 3rd version keeps all information about scopes of permissions in Access Tokens. You can specify the methods that an access token has access to as well as the products and keys it should be able to interact with. Note, IsPublic will not affect the access to a product; it’s all managed using access tokens. Moreover, you are able to revoke access at any time by removing the token from here.
  • Versioning has improved quite a lot in the 3rd version of the Web API. Now, you can explicitly specify the method version that you want access to, by adding it to the query string. It’s not required, but once we introduce new features, it will be quite simple to upgrade.

Feedback and suggesting new methods

The 3rd version of the Web API is still quite new, so if you have any problem in mind or a suggestion of a concrete method, please submit your idea here! 🙂

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