How does software licensing work?

A common question when selling and licensing a software application is “How does software licensing work?”. Understanding the basics of software licensing allows you to make smarter decisions when it comes to monetizing your software.

It is crucial that your software is able to know who is allowed access and for how long. Depending on what licensing model you choose, the software licensing system will behave differently. We are briefly explaining how software licensing works in this blog.

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Explaining how software licensing works

A licensing as a service (LaaS) provider such as Cryptolens will do most of the heavy lifting. When a user of your software signs up, your software sends a request to a license server. The license server then checks if all of the requirements are met. For example, was the customer’s last payment successful?

If all of the requirements are satisfied, the license server sends a response back to your software that tells it to run as normal. If, for example, the customer did not pay their last payment, the license server will tell your software to display a message telling the customer what they need to do to gain access to the software again.

In some instances, your software may be unable to send a request to the license server. For example, your software might be running without Internet access. Your software would then use a license file on disk or call an on-premise license server. At Cryptolens, we provide methods of doing both of the options to our customers.

We have now answered the question “How does software licensing work?”. If you are new to Cryptolens, welcome to our site! We enable our customers to license and sell any type of software application. With help guides in your favorite programming language, you can implement software licensing within minutes. Hundreds of industry-leading customers worldwide are already using our software licensing manager.

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