How do you implement a Software Licensing System?

When you are thinking about licensing and selling your software product, you probably come across the question “How do you implement a software licensing system?” In this blog, we will cover the basics of Cryptolens so you can get an idea of how you can implement a software licensing system and start to license and sell your software product.

Please visit our help pages if you want to learn more. You can also learn about software licensing basics in the following video:

Implement a software licensing system

There are three easy steps to get started in Cryptolens.

  1. Install our SDK in your programming language
  2. Create a free Cryptolens account
  3. Insert a code snippet into your code

Let us begin with the SDK. Cryptolens offers comprehensive SDKs in your favorite programming languages to make it effortless to implement a software licensing manager within minutes. Install our SDK in your language here.

Create a free Cryptolens account to get access to our easy-to-use dashboard where you can create and manage license keys and restrictions. You can also find your access tokens and other parameters that you have to insert into your code. Cryptolens offers you a way to implement licensing for free at your own pace, and you only have to pay when you get customers of your own.

The last step is to insert a code snippet into your application’s code. We provide comprehensive help guides to make the implementation seem effortless. The following image gives a summary of how our code snippet looks. See the code snippet in your programming language here.

License key verification is effortless with Cryptolens in any coding language!

Are you new to Cryptolens? Welcome! We are dedicated to offering an easy-to-use Licensing as a Service (LaaS) platform so you can license and sell your software application within minutes.

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