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Final revisions

Today, Serial Key Manager received some final revisions, and in max 2-3 days, the application will be complete. Here is an overview of what’s done so far:

As you might already know, the main idea behind this application is to make generation of serial keys more efficient, and avoid any duplicates, which might be the case in Software Protector. Since many users nowadays prefer to use their browser, the application is hosted online, which makes it possible to access/create/validate your keys anywhere, anytime.

Both SKGL API and Software Protector are open-source application, and hopefully, this website application will give everyone who likes SKGL/Software Protector an opportunity to make a donation and get something in return, in this case, a Premium user in Serial Key Manager.

You might wonder why there are so few posts about Serial Key Manger at this stage. That’s simply because all time and effort is put into making this web application a quality product.

We look forward to any feedback about Serial Key Manger! 🙂

Serial Key Manager is almost done

After some days of hard work, I have now constructed a well working architecture for Serial Key Manager. The design might change in the nearest time.

The current website features following (entirely free of charge!):

  • creation of 10 products
  • creation of 100 keys in each product

Product is a concept that should allow you to specify a project/product that should have a specific password. For example, if we have a program called “Example”, we can create a product called “Example”, enter a password and some notes. Now, we can refer to it as “Example” product, instead of using the password, which increases the security.

Key is simply what you get when you generate a serial key based on a password. In Serial Key Manager however, every key will be unique, which ensures that you will not get any duplicates (now, every keys has an ID).

Coming soon

Serial Key Manager is a platform designed for software developers to have a better access and control over the serial keys.

In the nearest time you will be able to use this magnificent application, but for the time being, please navigate to the award winning Software Protector Demo page here.

Please check back for more updates!