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Ways to get support

Serial Key Manager is a project that is built on top of SKGL. When working on the implementation of a validation system for the client application, this library is very handy, specially for offline implementations. If you would like to get an overview, please navigate to the documentation page. If you do not find what you are searching for, there is a high probability that your question might be found under the Discussion tab or the Issue tracker.

If your question is related to the actual web application, there is a support site specifically designed to guide you through some basic operations that can be performed using Serial Key Manager. Since Serial Key Manager is built on top of SKGL, many operations can actually be performed using the library. The exclusive features of Serial Key Manager, as online key validation, are better described on the support site.

Remember, if you want to try out Serial Key Manager, you can activate a trial, which will enable all the premium features available in Serial Key Manager.

If you are unsure about where to post the question, please contact us. The support site is currently under development, so you might find new sections added to the menu. We constantly work on making the support system as simple as possible to improve your user experience. Please always feel free to contact us with suggestions to any part of this project!

Price regulation

Thanks to your feedback, the Premium package has been changed according to your suggestions. From now on, it costs as low as $3/month (old $9) and if you order a premium subscription for the entire year, you get 2 months for free ($30/year, old $99/year).

Block a key feature (new)

There is currently a new feature for key management, which was suggested by Mattia Fanti, who therefore received a one month Premium subscription. Congratulations!

This feature allows you to block a key in case if you would not like it to be validated through the online key validation mechanism.

Read more:

Your feedback in return for a Premium subscription!

Your feedback is the most valuable for us and so it will be rewarded with a Premium subscription! That means, by submitting your thoughts about anything regarding Serial Key Manager, i.e. your thoughts about the layout, suggestions of features, etc. you will receive from 10 days of Premium and upwards, depending on the number of ideas you submit!

So, the only thing you have to do is to send your ideas through our contact form, and specify the user account which you want us to upgrade. Every feedback send in within this month (up to the 14th of February) is guaranteed a Premium subscription in at least 10 days!

Thank you! 🙂

Serial Key Manager can now be used

Serial Key Manager – the online version of Software Protector, can now be used! There are currently many benefits of this online interface, the main one is the ability to store keys online, and being able to access the history of the generated keys anytime, anywhere!

There are features like: exporting keys to Excel, generating/validating keys online, and accessing the database using a web request (using an HTML form, for instance).

Please note that Serial Key Manager is getting better and better, the development has not ended just because of the release, and since you use a browser, you will get the updates instantly!

Check out this introduction video:



I would like to announce that SKGL API was upgraded yesterday to a newer version, For current users of either SKGL, or Software Protector this does not mean any difference, except that this version is much faster, in fact twice as fast, and requires twice as little space!

So, you might want to ask what has caused such big improvement, and the main reason for this is that I have changed the base conversion algorithm. From now on, it uses the built-in class Big Integer (System.Numerics), which is included in .NET 4.0. Also, because of the suggestion to change to C#, SKGL API is now entirely written in C#.

Thanks to lberna for the code and uldisv for testing, there is now a possibility to calculate the Machine Code in Virtual Box environment.uldisv suggested that it should be possible to deduce whether the user runs the program in a Virtual Box environment, since:

this machine serial number will be exactly the same, if I copy VHD and virtual machine settings to another computer with Virtualbox

At the moment, there is no function built-in in the library, but it will be available as a separate code snippet on SKGL’s website in the future.

Thanks to SimonTorm, SKGL can be tested to be used in different ways, in this case, by including the code directly into the application in WPF environment.

Again, I am very grateful for all suggestions and questions that were asked by different developers on SKGL’s CodePlex page.They have contributed to direct changes in the core, and some contributed with ideas about how things can be solved, given the API.

So, as you can see, the library can be used in so many different ways, directly in C#, in VB, Virtual Box environment – there are so many ways! All of this is because of every user of SKGL API! Thank you!

Now, my plan is to extend the ways in which it can be used. Since we live in a world where the browser is the main app – in two days, I will publish a new project in the SKGL series, namely Serial Key Manager.

Final revisions

Today, Serial Key Manager received some final revisions, and in max 2-3 days, the application will be complete. Here is an overview of what’s done so far:

As you might already know, the main idea behind this application is to make generation of serial keys more efficient, and avoid any duplicates, which might be the case in Software Protector. Since many users nowadays prefer to use their browser, the application is hosted online, which makes it possible to access/create/validate your keys anywhere, anytime.

Both SKGL API and Software Protector are open-source application, and hopefully, this website application will give everyone who likes SKGL/Software Protector an opportunity to make a donation and get something in return, in this case, a Premium user in Serial Key Manager.

You might wonder why there are so few posts about Serial Key Manger at this stage. That’s simply because all time and effort is put into making this web application a quality product.

We look forward to any feedback about Serial Key Manger! 🙂