Access to the notes field

In the last post, there was a questionnaire about whether or not the access to the “notes” field should be given through key validation or key activation. The results of the questionnaire were mixed.

All opinions are very important for us, so, as a result, the notes field access is implemented in such a way to allow those users that want to access it being able to do so, while those users that don’t want the notes field to be exposed will be able to restrict access to it.

So, if you want to get the notes field exposed, please see this article. If you don’t, there is nothing that has to be done. Simply keep using  Serial Key Manager as you’ve always have done!

The recently released version of SKGL Extension API, v., incorporates a new “notes” field in the KeyInformation class. The notes field is saved in the same way as creation date and other serial key features into a file during offline key validation (one time key activation with a digital signature). For those users that decide not to activate notes field access, nothing has to be done either. Serial Key Manager platform will work with as usual.

It would be great if you find this way of implementing the access to the “notes” field is the optimal solution, but it might not be the case. If there is something you don’t like about this change or if you simply want to tell us what you think, you are warmly welcome to contact us!

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