Automatically notify customers at license expiration

In this blog, we will cover how you can automatically send emails to customers when a license is about to expire. You will be able to select time intervals for the emails and choose to send a copy to your own email as well.

We have also uploaded this guide as a video if you find that more convenient:

This guide is based on a page in our documentation that you can find here.

Setting up automatic expiration emails

Sign in to Cryptolens and head to the Product Page. For an existing product, click on “Edit Features” and scroll down. Click on the checkbox called “Automatic expiration notification” and then click on Save.

The feature is now enabled, but you need to tell Cryptolens which licenses are time-limited. This can be done in two ways:

  1. You can designate a particular feature to be the time-limited feature, meaning that any license with that particular feature set as true will be treated as time-limited.
  2. You can treat all licenses for your selected product as time-limited.

1: To designate a particular feature to be time-limited, simply select the “Time Limited” option in the drop-down menu for a particular feature’s “Type”, which can be found at the top of the Edit Feature Names page. Enable the chosen feature for the licenses you want to send email notifications to. Click on Save.

2: Click on the checkbox below the list of features near the top of the Edit Features Names page called “Treat all licenses as time-limited”. Click on Save.

Now that Cryptolens knows which licenses are time-limited, your customers will receive 3 email notifications, one 7 days in advance, one 3 days in advance, and one on the day that the license expires.

Customizing the time intervals

It is possible to customize the number of emails and the time intervals when they are being sent. To do this, head to the Product Page once again, and click on Data Objects.


Copy the object name above and paste it into the field called “Name”.

By default, the string value is 0,3,7, meaning that an email will be sent 0 days prior, 3 days prior, and 7 days prior to the license expiration date. Simply change this string value to whatever time intervals you want. If you want to send more emails, just add a comma (,) and specify how many days prior to license expiration you want to send an email. For example, to send an extra email 10 days in advance, simply modify the string to be 0,3,7,10. Press on Create when you have chosen your preferred time intervals.

Sending a copy to your own email address

Stay on the Data Objects page if you want to set it up so that you receive a copy of the email that is being sent to customers.


Copy the data name above and paste it into the Name field. In the String Value field, you should provide the email to which you want the copy to be sent. Press on Create.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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