I would like to announce that SKGL API was upgraded yesterday to a newer version, For current users of either SKGL, or Software Protector this does not mean any difference, except that this version is much faster, in fact twice as fast, and requires twice as little space!

So, you might want to ask what has caused such big improvement, and the main reason for this is that I have changed the base conversion algorithm. From now on, it uses the built-in class Big Integer (System.Numerics), which is included in .NET 4.0. Also, because of the suggestion to change to C#, SKGL API is now entirely written in C#.

Thanks to lberna for the code and uldisv for testing, there is now a possibility to calculate the Machine Code in Virtual Box environment.uldisv suggested that it should be possible to deduce whether the user runs the program in a Virtual Box environment, since:

this machine serial number will be exactly the same, if I copy VHD and virtual machine settings to another computer with Virtualbox

At the moment, there is no function built-in in the library, but it will be available as a separate code snippet on SKGL’s website in the future.

Thanks to SimonTorm, SKGL can be tested to be used in different ways, in this case, by including the code directly into the application in WPF environment.

Again, I am very grateful for all suggestions and questions that were asked by different developers on SKGL’s CodePlex page.They have contributed to direct changes in the core, and some contributed with ideas about how things can be solved, given the API.

So, as you can see, the library can be used in so many different ways, directly in C#, in VB, Virtual Box environment – there are so many ways! All of this is because of every user of SKGL API! Thank you!

Now, my plan is to extend the ways in which it can be used. Since we live in a world where the browser is the main app – in two days, I will publish a new project in the SKGL series, namely Serial Key Manager.

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