Speeding up license creation using License Templates

This blog features a convenient way of issuing multiple licenses with the same expiry date and enabled features, which can speed up the license creation process and make your work easier.

If you would rather watch a YouTube video of this guide, please watch the following video:

The feature covered in this blog is called License Templates, and you can read the full documentation here.

Start by signing in to Cryptolens, and go to the product you want to create a license template for. Click on “Create a new key” like you normally do to issue a license manually.

Select the features and the expiry date that you want. Instead of clicking on Create, you should click on Save as Template.

Give the license template a name. Notice that the “Parameters” field is already filled out. If you want to customize the parameters of your license template, please read the existing documentation.

When you are done customizing your template, click on Create.

Go back to the product and click on “Create a new key”. You should now be able to see the license template you created in the field called “License Templates”.

To make a new license with the same features and expiry date as you selected for the license template, simply select your newly created license template in that field, and click on the Create button to the right of the drop-down menu.

This method is useful if you, for example, want to issue multiple yearly or monthly licenses with the same features. It is also possible to retrieve the license templates through the API if you prefer to use the API for license creation.

Thank you for reading this blog, please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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