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  1. I am interested in the premium version of Serial Key Manager. Does the online version allow me to lock a key by machine id? I only want to allow one machine per serial key. Can I do this online?

    Any tips on implementing this? How does this logic sound?

    User purchases application.
    Downloads + installs application.
    Application notices there is no encrypted file with a serial key. Displays to the user their machine id.
    The user emails me their machine id.
    I create the key.
    They enter the key which validates against their machine id.
    I create the encrypted file with serial key and machine id.

    Where online can I log that machine id to that key? Do I do it manually in excel?

    Thanks so much for the help 🙂 This product looks like it will work for me, and I will get the premium version.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your message! At this point, the online version does not have that functionality, but it can definitely be added.

      The logic you described in the message sounds good, although the step where the user has to send you the machine code can be omitted (it’s an option), and instead, your app will tell the server the machine code, and depending on the settings, if for example two machine codes of the same kind are reported, it will block the second one.

      This will be more time efficient in my mind, although the ability to allow/restrict specific machine codes (in this case, you can perform this additional step of activation) will also be added.

      So, in conclusion, sometime this week (I hope), this entire procedure will be automatized.

      Best Regards,

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