Activation Forms – Protection of Apps without Internet Connection

For some weeks ago, we introduced the ability to include the machine code into the signed JSON result from the server during activation. It was briefly mentioned that this opens doors to secure key activation on computers without internet access. Here is a visualization of the process:

skmformssTechnically, this can be achieved using the API. However, since this is such a common procedure, why invent the wheel?

Using the Forms feature, you only need to select the product in the control panel (no need to look up uid, pid, hsum etc), and whether the machine code should be included into the activation file. A screenshot is shown below.

Screenshot (19)

Once you have set it up, you can either press the “Get Code” button to see the code that you need to add to make this work (in your application) or “Preview”. Here is how the final form will look like:


A video that illustrates the entire process can be found here.


The purpose of Activation Forms is to allow your customers to easily activate your software that does not have access to the internet. The solution is based on the idea of using activation files – files that contain signed key information.

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