Deactivation support and improvements to Web API

The recent version of the Web API (requests contain ext) has undergone some changes. Many of the changes do not require any action to be taken, however a few do (and we will help you with that).

Here’s a list of changes that do not require any action to be taken:

  • Support for Deactivation: This week, we received a request to add the ability to de-activate keys (see the post). It’s now working! You can find out more about it in the Web API documentation. SKGL Extension will support this as soon as possible.
  • Faster Web API: Many of the changes, such as this one, are not that easy to notice. However, this change ensures that both key activation, validation and deactivation are faster than before.

Now, let’s go through the changes that might require actions to be taken:

  • Detailed Activation: Before, the platform only stored the machine code for each activation. Now, there is support for both the machine code, the IP address (can be seen in the same box) and activation date. For current users of the Web API 2.0, this means that the next time an activation is performed, the machine will be activated again. This will mostly not be noticed by the client user. However, if you are using trial activation (where the key changes), it might require you to resend the new serial key to your client.

If you would need any assistance, please either submit a question on our forum or contact us.

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